attaches the handler to an inner event of dhtmlxScheduler

string attachEvent(SchedulerEventName name,function handler, [object settings] );
nameSchedulerEventNamethe event's name, case-insensitive
handlerfunctionthe handler function
settingsobjectoptional, an object with settings for the event handler
stringid the id of the attached event handler


    if (!ev.text) {
        alert("Text must not be empty");
        return false;
    return true;

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You can attach several handlers to the same event and all of them will be executed.
If some of handlers will return false - the related operation will be blocked.
Event handlers are processed in the same order that they were attached.

All event listeners attached using event will be detached automatically when the destructor is called.

Properties of settings object

The settings object can contain two properties:

1. id - (string) the id of the event handler

For example, you can easily detach a handler from the specified event:

scheduler.attachEvent("onClick", function(){
    console.log("event click");
}, {id: "my-click"}); ... //after a while:

2. once - (boolean) defines whether the event will be executed only once

Set the property to true if you want to capture the first triggering of the event, as in:

scheduler.attachEvent("onClick", function(){
    console.log("capture next event click");
    return true;
}, {once: true});
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