Available only in PRO Edition

Week Agenda View

This view is available in the Scheduler PRO version only.

The Week Agenda view is a combination of Week and Agenda views presenting a list of upcoming events within a week.

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To add the Week Agenda view to the scheduler, follow these steps:

  1. Activate the Week Agenda extension on the page:
        week_agenda: true
  2. Add the view's tab to the scheduler's markup:
    <div id="scheduler_here" class="dhx_cal_container" ...>
        <div class="dhx_cal_navline">
           <div class="dhx_cal_tab" name="week_agenda_tab" style="right:280px;"></div>
  3. Set the label for the tab:
    //'weekAg_tab' is the name of our div
    scheduler.locale.labels.week_agenda_tab = "Week Agenda";

Related sample:  WeekAgenda view

GUI details

  • Selected events are highlighted. If the selected event occupies several days, all related records are highlighted.
  • To create a new event - double click on the cell of a day which will be the holder of the creating event.
  • To edit, delete an event - double click on the desired event to open the lightbox and perform the operation.

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