Agenda View

If you use dhtmlxScheduler 6.0 or earlier, see details here.

The Agenda view allows displaying a list of upcoming events.

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By default, the left list of the view displays events beginning from the first day of the current month. To change such behavior, use the agenda_start, agenda_end properties or redefine and functions.


To add the Agenda view to the scheduler, follow these steps:

1) Activate the Agenda extension on the page:

    agenda_view: true

2) Add the view's tab to the scheduler's markup:

<div id="scheduler_here" class="dhx_cal_container" ...>
    <div class="dhx_cal_navline">
       <div class="dhx_cal_tab" data-tab="agenda"></div>

3) Set the label for the tab:

//'agenda_tab' is the name of our div. By default, the label is 'Agenda' 
scheduler.locale.labels.agenda_tab="My Agenda";

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GUI details

  • To create a new event, double click an empty cell in the list.
  • To edit/delete an event - double click the event row to open the lightbox and perform the needed operation.

Localization Tips

The Agenda view has 2 labels defined in the locale:

  • scheduler.locale.labels.agenda_tab - the name of the view tab
  • scheduler.locale.labels.full_day - the "Full day" label for full-day or multi-day events

The first label is commonly specified while adding the view tab to the scheduler, but the second one should be redefined only if you localize the application to a language, different from English.

Next/Previous/Today buttons

By default the Agenda view displays events of one month, while the Next/Previous and Today buttons allow switching between months. You can change the displayed range by redefining the functions. returns the start of the displayed interval of the view for a given date. The default implementation of the agenda view returns the first day of a given month.

You can redefine these functions, for example, to change the range for a single week: = function(date){
  return Date(date)); 
}; = function(date, inc){
  return, inc, "week"); 

After that the displayed range will be limited to one week.

Setting the range of displayable dates

You can also set a fixed displayed range by specifying the agenda_end and agenda_start properties:

scheduler.config.agenda_start = new Date(2023, 5, 1); 
scheduler.config.agenda_end = new Date(2023,6,1);

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