adds a new event to the scheduler's data pool

void setEvent(string| number id,object event);
idstring| numberthe event's id
eventobjectthe event object


scheduler.setEvent(1, {
    start_date: new Date(2013, 05, 16, 09, 00),
    end_date:   new Date(2013, 05, 16, 12, 00),
    text:   "Meeting",
    holder: "John", 
    room:   "5"     


The method is similar to addEvent.

The difference between the setEvent() and addEvent() methods is:

  • The addEvent draws the event in the scheduler and invokes the onEventAdded / onEventChanged events that can trigger updating data in the original data source (e.g. database).
  • The setEvent() method doesn't invoke any events and just adds an event to the data pool. To draw the event in the scheduler you should call the setCurrentView method additionally.
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