defines a named collection that can be loaded into Units, Timeline views, or the Lightbox

array serverList(string list_name, [array options] );
list_namestringthe name of a list
optionsarrayoptional, an array of options
arraya list of options


//returns a list of options with the name 'my_list'
var list = scheduler.serverList("my_list"); 
//creates and returns the specified list
var list = scheduler.serverList("options", [
    {key: 1, label: "John"},
    {key: 2, label: "Adam"},
    {key: 3, label: "Diane"}

Related samples

  • If the method is called only with the first parameter, the method will return a list with that name (if exists).
  • If the method is called with 2 parameters, the scheduler will create a list with the specified name or,if a list with such name already exists, the scheduler will rewrite it

Lists, created with the method, can be after updated with the updateCollection method.

That's why, if there is a need to update collections, e.g. select options, a list of units in the Timeline, Units view, it's a good idea to create them as a named list of options.

scheduler.serverList("sections", [
    { key: 1, label: "Section A" },
    { key: 2, label: "Section B" },
    { key: 3, label: "Section C" },
    { key: 4, label: "Section D" }
scheduler.config.lightbox.sections = [
        name: "description", height: 130, map_to: "text", type: "textarea", 
        focus: true 
        name: "sections", type: "select",
        options: scheduler.serverList("sections"), map_to: "section_id"      },
        name: "time", height: 72, type: "time", map_to: "auto" 
// the same, but with the "units" list
    name: "unit",
    property: "section_id",
    list: scheduler.serverList("sections")  });
    name: "timeline",
    x_unit: "minute",
    x_date: "%H:%i",
    x_step: 30,
    x_size: 24,
    x_start: 16,
    x_length: 48,
    y_unit: scheduler.serverList("sections"),     y_property: "section_id",
    render: "bar"
scheduler.init("scheduler_here", new Date(), "unit");

Then, at a later point in time, it will be possible to change options on all these places by calling scheduler.updateCollection:

scheduler.updateCollection("sections", [
    { key: 5, label: "Section E" },
    { key: 6, label: "Section F" },
    { key: 7, label: "Section G" }
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