applies a css class to the specified date

void markCalendar(object calendar,Date date,string css);
calendarobjectthe calendar object
dateDatethe date to mark
cssstringthe name of a css class


    color:red !important;//use the 'important' keyword to make sure that 
}                        // the css property will be applied to the specified date
    // you can get the calendar object in one of two ways:
    // either via creating a mini calendar
    var calendar = scheduler.renderCalendar({...});
    // or via using the selector of the container with the mini calendar
    var calendar = document.querySelector(".dhx_mini_calendar");
    scheduler.markCalendar(calendar, new Date(2010,3,1), "my_style");


The method requires the minical plugin to be activated.

Note, the method is applied to mini-calendar only, not to the scheduler!

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