adds a section to the currently active view

boolean addSection(object section,string parent_id);
sectionobjectthe object of the section to add
parent_idstringthe id of the parent section. Pass 'null' if you are adding a section to the root
booleanreturns 'true', if the section was added successfully and 'false' in other cases (e.g. incorrect parent_id was specified).

Available only in PRO Edition


    name:   "timeline",
        {key:"production", label:"Production Department", children:[
            {key:"p1", label:"Managers", children:[
                {key:"pm1", label:"John Williams"},
                {key:"pm2", label:"David Miller"}
        {key:"sales", label:"Sales and Marketing", children:[
            {key:"s1", label:"Kate Moss"},
            {key:"s2", label:"Dian Fossey"}
scheduler.addSection( {key:1, label:"James Smith"}, "p1");
scheduler.addSection( {key:2, label:"Alex White"}, "sales");

Applicable views:Timeline View

This functionality is available in the PRO edition only.

The method requires the treetimeline plugin to be activated.

If the opened view isn't Timeline in the 'Tree' mode, the method will be ignored.

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