activates attempts to resolve the event's location, if the database doesn't have the event's coordinates stored

boolean map_resolve_event_location;


scheduler.config.map_resolve_event_location = false;
scheduler.init('scheduler_here',new Date(2013,05,11),"week");

Default value:

Applicable views:Map View

The property requires the map_view plugin to be activated.

  • If the option is set to true, and an event in the database doesn't have the 'lat' and 'lng' values, the scheduler will make an attempt to resolve coordinates based on the 'event_location' value while loading events to the scheduler. If the specified location will be identified, the corresponding coordinates will be saved in the DB. If not, the scheduler will fire the onLocationError event.
  • Enabling the property is useful for migration, but not for production stage.
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