How to Start with dhtmlxScheduler

This section is dedicated to the very beginning of work with Gantt chart. Each chapter tells about basic Gantt initialization on different server-side platforms to suit all tastes and preferences.

dhtmlxScheduler with ASP.NET Core
A comprehensive tutorial that describes how to use Scheduler together with ASP.Net Core 2.
dhtmlxScheduler with Node.js

A detailed tutorial which dwells on Scheduler implementation on a Nodejs platform.
dhtmlxScheduler with PHP:Laravel

A comprehensive tutorial that discusses how to add Scheduler into a Laravel app.
dhtmlxScheduler with PHP

A step-by-step tutorial that discusses how to implement a PHP-based Scheduler.
dhtmlxScheduler with Ruby on Rails

An easy to reproduce tutorial that will walk you through the stages of implementing Scheduler on the base of Ruby on Rails.
dhtmlxScheduler with dhtmlxConnector

This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple Scheduler and implement server-side communication with the help of dhtmlxConnector.
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