The described functionality is deprecated since version 6.0. Instead of it, define the mode of internal implementation of the code of date formatting methods. Check the details.

Content Security Policy Compliance

Content Security Policy (CSP) is a web standard used to prevent unauthorized JavaScript execution.

The dhtmlxScheduler library provides the ext/dhtmlxscheduler_csp.js extension that allows working with dhtmlxScheduler in case Content Security Policy (CSP) is enabled in the app. It enhances the security of created apps.

In order to enable CSP support in your app built with Scheduler, you need to include the dhtmlxscheduler_csp.js after dhtmlxscheduler.js:

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxscheduler_csp.js"></script>

The dhtmlxscheduler_csp.js extension is applied on top of the base Scheduler and redefines insecure code (date formatters and parsers, mostly). However, inline styles should be allowed, as they are used in many places across the component.

In some cases the CSP compatible methods may cause performance regression, thus they are not used by default and the extension has to be enabled explicitly.

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