Multiple Users

While there is no such a concept as different calendars, you can use multiple data feeds in the same scheduler to imitate such a behavior.

// load two data feeds
scheduler.config.readonly = true;

and on the server side:

$scheduler->render_sql("select * from events_shared where event_type=1 AND 
userId = ".$user_id,"event_id","start_date,end_date,text,event_type,userId");

With such an approach it's possible to load and show data from multiple sources. userId in the code above is used just for the sample purpose - it may be any different set of rules in your case.

The same code can be used in a more complex scenario: users see all the events, but can edit only their own ones:

//enable saving for the first data feed
var dp =  scheduler.createDataProcessor("events.php?user");
//allow edit operations only for own events
function allow_own(id){
    var ev = this.getEvent(id);
    return ev.userId == 1;
//default properties of a new event
    var ev = this.getEvent(id);
    ev.userId = 1; //just for rendering on client, will not affect server data
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