Sizing the Scale and Events Boxes

If you use dhtmlxScheduler 6.0 or earlier, see details here.

In this article we consider how you can manage sizes of events and of the time scale.

Short events display

First, let's learn the default behavior of the events boxes:

  • the default scale unit height is 44px (or the hour height), as defined by hour_size_px
  • the minimum height of the event box is 20px, as defined by the scheduler.xy.min_event_height setting
  • since an event can't be less than 20px height, both 15min and 5min events will have the same height
  • events that have less than 42px height use a special display mode and receive an extra CSS class to enable display of shorter events:
    • .dhx_cal_event--small - events less than 42px
    • .dhx_cal_event--xsmall - events less than 30px

You can increase the height of the time scale to improve the visibility of such events:

scheduler.config.hour_size_px = 90;
scheduler.render();// or scheduler.init(...)

Customizing the event box

It is possible to completely override the render function of the event box. To do so you should use the renderEvent method that allows you to set your own template for the events:

scheduler.renderEvent = function(container, ev) {
    //your customizing code

Read the details in the related chapter - Custom Event's Box.

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Preventing short events from overlapping

To display short events separately and eliminate the possibility of their overlapping, you should set the separate_short_events option to true:

scheduler.config.separate_short_events = true;

This config is enabled by default starting from v7.0. You only need to enable it manually, if you use an earlier version of the Scheduler.

How to change the scale spacing

To change the default scale spacing you need to rewrite the hour_scale template. To make the scale spacing equal to 30 minutes you can rewrite the template as follows:

var format ="%H:%i");
var step = 30;
scheduler.templates.hour_scale = function(date){
    var html="";
    for (var i=0; i<60/step; i++){
        html+="<div style='height:22px;line-height:22px;'>"+format(date)+"</div>";
        date =,step,"minute");
    return html;


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