addCellCss adds a style to a cell
addRowCss adds a style to a row
addSpan adds a rows/cols span
adjustColumnWidth adjusts the width of a column to make all its content visible
destructor removes a Grid instance and releases occupied resources
edit enables editing of a Grid cell
editCell enables editing of a Grid cell
editEnd finishes editing in a cell
getCellRect returns the parameters of a cell
getColumn returns an object with attributes of a column
getHeaderFilter returns an object of the header filter by column id
getScrollState returns the coordinates of a position a grid has been scrolled to
getSortingState returns the current state of sorting data in Grid
getSpan returns an object with spans
hideColumn hides a column of Grid
hideRow hides a row of Grid
isColumnHidden checks whether a column is hidden
isRowHidden checks whether a row is hidden
paint repaints a grid on a page
removeCellCss removes a style from a cell
removeRowCss removes a style from a row
removeSpan removes a cols/rows span
scroll scrolls a grid according to specified coordinates
scrollTo scrolls a grid to a specified cell
setColumns sets configuration for Grid columns
showColumn makes a specified column visible on a page
showRow makes a specified row visible on a page
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