addCellCss adds a style to a cell
addRowCss adds a style to a row
addSpan adds a rows/cols span
adjustColumnWidth adjusts the width of a column to make all its content visible
collapse collapses a tree node by id
collapseAll collapses all expanded Tree nodes
destructor removes a Grid instance and releases occupied resources
edit enables editing of a Grid cell
editCell enables editing of a TreeGrid cell
editEnd finishes editing in a cell
expand expands a tree node by id
expandAll expands all collapsed tree nodes
getCellRect returns the parameters of a cell
getColumn returns an object with attributes of a column
getScrollState returns the coordinates of a position a grid has been scrolled to
getSortingState returns the current state of sorting data in TreeGrid
getSpan returns an object with spans
groupBy groups grid content either by values of the specified column or by the result of calculation
hideColumn hides a column of Grid
isColumnHidden checks whether a column is hidden
paint repaints a grid on a page
removeCellCss removes a style from a cell
removeRowCss removes a style from a row
removeSpan removes a cols/rows span
scroll scrolls a grid according to specified coordinates
scrollTo scrolls a grid to a specified cell
setColumns sets configuration for TreeGrid columns
showColumn makes a specified column visible on a page
ungroup ungroups the grid to return it into the plain view
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