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Calendar API overview


clear()clears the value set in the calendar
destructor()removes a calendar instance and releases occupied resources
getCurrentMode()returns the current mode of displaying Calendar
getValue()returns the selected date
link()links a calendar to another calendar for selecting a date range
paint()repaints a calendar on a page
setValue()selects a date in the calendar
showDate()shows a specified date and/or opens the calendar in one of the available modes


beforeChangefires before the change of date selection
cancelClickfires when the user clicks on the "Cancel" control
changefires on change of date selection
dateMouseOverfires when the mouse pointer is over a date
modeChangefires on change of the calendar mode
monthSelectedfires after a month was selected in the calendar
yearSelectedfires after a year was selected in the calendar


cssOptional. Adds style classes to Calendar
dateOptional. Defines the date that will be opened when the calendar is created
dateFormatOptional. Defines the format of dates in Calendar
disabledDatesOptional. Allows disabling some date intervals, day labels are dimmed
markOptional. Adds a CSS class to specific days
modeOptional. The mode of Calendar initialization
rangeOptional. Enables/disables the possibility to select a range of dates on the calendar
thisMonthOnlyOptional. Hides dates of the previous/next months relative to the currently displayed one
timeFormatOptional. Defines the time format for a timepicker in the calendar
timePickerOptional. Adds a timepicker into the calendar
valueOptional. Selects the day (adds a round blue marker)
weekNumbersOptional. Defines whether to show the numbers of weeks
weekStartOptional. Sets the starting day of the week
widthOptional. Sets the width of the calendar