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shows a specified date and/or opens the calendar in one of the available modes

showDate(date?: Date, mode?: "calendar" | "month" | "year"): void;


  • date: Date - the date that should be shown in the calendar
  • mode: string - optional, the mode in which the calendar will be opened


calendar.showDate(new Date(2020,11,12));

Related sample: Calendar. Showing particular calendar date and mode

The modes are:

"calendar"shows the days of a month, the default mode
"month"allows selecting a month of a year
"year"allows selecting a year
// shows the month of the specified date
calendar.showDate(new Date(2020,11,12),"month");

// shows the current month

// shows the current year together with previous/next years
calendar.showDate(new Date(2020,11,12),"year");

// shows the current year