fires before the user has finished dragging and released the mouse button over a target column

boolean beforeColumnDrop(object data,Event e){ ... };


dataobjectdata object
eEventa native event object


booleanfalse - to block the default action, otherwise true

Available only in PRO Edition

Example"BeforeColumnDrop", function(data, events){
    // your logic here
    return false;

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This functionality requires PRO version of the dhtmlxGrid (or DHTMLX suite) package.

The data object contains the following parameters:

  • start - (string) the id of a column, from which the dragging process has started
  • source - (string[]) an array with ids of dragged columns
  • target - (string) the id of a potential target column
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Change log
  • added in v6.5
  • Before v7.0, the event took two parameters - sourceId and targetId.
  • In v7.0, the parameters were replaced with new ones: data and e.
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