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Chart API overview


destructor()removes a chart instance and releases the occupied resources
eachSeries()iterates over Chart series
getSeries()returns an object with configuration of a specified series
paint()repaints a chart on a page
setConfig()sets configuration of a chart

Use DataCollection methods to work with data.


resizefires on changing the size of the chart container
serieClickfires on clicking a series
toggleSeriesfires on toggle on/off a series in a legend

Use DataCollection events to work with data.


cssOptional. Adds style classes to Chart
dataOptional. Specifies an array of data objects to set into the chart
exportStylesOptional. Defines the styles that will be sent to the export service when exporting Chart to PDF/PNG
legendRequired for Treemap charts, optional for other types of charts. Defines the configuration of a chart legend
maxPointsOptional. Displays an average number of values in case a data set is too large to show all the values in the chart
scalesRequired. Defines configuration of scales for Line, Spline, Bar, X-Bar, Area, SplineArea, Radar, and Scatter charts
seriesRequired. Defines configuration of chart series
typeRequired. Specifies the type of a chart

Export methods

png()Exports a chart to a PNG file
pdf()Exports a chart to a PDF file