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specifies an array of data objects to set into the grid

data?: any[];


var dataset = [    {        "name": "Argentina",        "native": "Argentina",        "phone": "54",        "continent": "SA",        "capital": "Buenos Aires"    },    {        "name": "American Samoa",        "native": "American Samoa",        "phone": "1684",        "continent": "OC",        "capital": "Pago Pago"    },    // more columns];
var treegrid = new dhx.TreeGrid("treegrid_container", {    columns: [// columns config],    data: dataset});

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1. Starting with v7.1, you can specify the height of the cell via setting the number value to the height option when defining the data set:

var dataset = [    {        "name": "Argentina",        "native": "Argentina",        "phone": "54",        "continent": "SA",        "capital": "Buenos Aires",        "height": 70 /*!*/    },    {        "name": "American Samoa",        "native": "American Samoa",        "phone": "1684",        "continent": "OC",        "capital": "Pago Pago"    },];

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The height option has a higher priority than the autoHeight:true configuration property of TreeGrid.
Thus, autoHeight:true will be ignored for the cell that the height option is defined to.

2. Starting with v7.1, it is possible to use the Date() object when specifying data for the "Date" column:

var dataset = [    {        "country": "China",        "date": new Date() /*!*/    },    {        "country": "India",        "date": new Date(2010, 02, 10) /*!*/    }];

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