List API

destructor removes a List instance and releases occupied resources
edit enables editing of an item
getFocusIndex returns the index of an item in focus
getFocusItem returns the id of an item in focus
setFocusIndex sets focus to an item according to its index
AfterEditEnd fires after editing of an item is ended
AfterEditStart fires after editing of an item has started
BeforeEditEnd fires before editing of an item is ended
BeforeEditStart fires before editing of an item has started
click fires on clicking an item
contextmenu fires on calling a context menu for an item
DoubleClick fires on double clicking an item
focusChange fires on moving focus to a new item
css adds a CSS class(es) to the component
data specifies an array of data objects to set into the list
dragCopy defines that an item is copied to a target during drag-n-drop
dragMode enables drag-n-drop in List
dropBehaviour defines the behaviour of a dragged item
editing enables editing in List
height sets the height of List
itemHeight sets the height of an item
keyNavigation enables/disables navigation in List by arrow keys
multiselection enables selection of multiple List items
multiselectionMode sets the mode of multiselection
template specifies a template for List items
virtual enables dynamic rendering of List items
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