Layout API

addCell adds a new cell into a layout
attach attaches a DHTMLX component into a Layout cell
attachHTML adds an HTML content into a dhtmlxLayout cell
cell returns the config object of a cell
getParent returns the parent of a cell
hide hides a specified cell
isVisible checks whether a cell is visible
paint repaints Layout on a page
removeCell removes a specified cell
show shows a hidden cell
activeView sets the currently active view
align sets the alignment of content inside a cell
collapsable defines whether a cell can be collapsed
collapsed defines whether a cell is collapsed
cols an array of columns objects
css the name of a CSS class(es) applied to Layout
gravity arranges content evenly throughout the cell
header adds a header with text for a cell
headerIcon an icon used in the header of a cell
headerImage an image used in the header of a cell
height sets the height of a cell
hidden defines whether a cell is hidden
html sets HTML content for a cell
id the id of a cell
padding defines the distance between a cell and the border of layout
resizable defines whether a cell can be resized
rows an array of rows objects
views sets an array of views objects
width sets the width of a cell
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