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the name of a CSS class(es) applied to Layout

css?: string;


<style>    .my_first_class {        /*some styles*/    }     .my_second_class {        /*some styles*/    }</style>
var layout = new dhx.Layout("layout_container", {    css:"my_first_class my_second_class"});

Related sample: Layout. Custom Css

Note, that the DHTMLX library provides a set of own CSS classes that you can also apply to change the appearance of a Layout cell.

var layout = new dhx.Layout("layout", {    css: "dhx_layout-cell--bordered",    rows: [{        id: "toolbar",        html: "Header",        css: "dhx_layout-cell--border_bottom layout-header",        gravity: false,        height: "60px"    }]});