Combobox API

clear clears the value set in the Combo Box
destructor removes a ComboBox instance and releases occupied resources
disable disables ComboBox on a page
enable enables a disabled ComboBox
focus sets focus in the input without opening a popup with options
getValue gets id(s) of items from data collection selected in ComboBox
paint repaints a Combo Box
setState sets the state of ComboBox, used for validation
setValue selects option(s) in ComboBox
change fires when a new option is selected
close fires when a list with options is closed
open fires when a list with options is opened
cellHeight sets the height of a cell in the list of options
css adds style classes to ComboBox
disabled makes Combo Box disabled
filter sets a custom function for filtering Combo Box options
help adds an icon with a question mark next to the Combo input
hiddenLabel adds a hidden label for a Combo box input that will be used while sending a form to the server
label adds a label for ComboBox
labelInline defines whether a label will be placed in one line with ComboBox
labelWidth sets the width of a label
listHeight sets the height of the list of options
multiselection enables selection of multiple options in ComboBox
placeholder sets a placeholder in the input of Combo
readonly makes Combo Box readonly
required defines whether the field with Combo box is required (for a form)
selectAllButton defines whether the Select All button should be shown
showItemsCount shows the total number of selected options
template sets a template of displaying options in the popup list
virtual enables dynamic loading of data on scrolling the list of options
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