adds style classes to Calendar

string css;


    .my_first_class {
        /*some styles*/
    .my_second_class {
        /*some styles*/
var calendar = new dhx.Calendar({
    css:"my_first_class my_second_class"

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The DHTMLX library provides a set of CSS classes that you can apply to change appearance of Calendar.

var calendar = new dhx.Calendar({
    css:"dhx_widget--bg_white dhx_widget--bordered"

List of CSS classes

dhx_widget--bg_white Sets white background to a widget
dhx_widget--bg_gray Sets gray background to a widget
dhx_widget--bordered Sets borders on all sides of a widget
dhx_widget--border_top Sets a border on the top side of a widget
dhx_widget--border_bottom Sets a border on the bottom side of a widget
dhx_widget--border_left Sets a border on the left side of a widget
dhx_widget--border_right Sets a border on the right side of a widget
dhx_widget--border-shadow Adds a shadow border to a widget
dhx_widget--no-border_top Removes the top border of a widget
dhx_widget--no-border_bottom Removes the bottom border of a widget
dhx_widget--no-border_right Removes the right border of a widget
dhx_widget--no-border_left Removes the left border of a widget
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