converts an XML or MPP MS Project file to JSON

void importFromMSProject(object config);


configobjectan object with configuration properties of an imported file


    data: file,
    taskProperties: ["Notes", "Name"],
    callback: function (project) {
        if (project) {
            if (project.config.duration_unit) {
                gantt.config.duration_unit = project.config.duration_unit;

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The method requires HTML5 File API support.

This method is defined in the export extension, so you need to activate the export_api plugin. Read the details in the Export and Import from MS Project article.

The method takes as a parameter an object with configuration properties of an imported file:

  • data - an instance of File which should contain either MPP or XML Project file.
  • callback - a callback function.
  • durationUnit - sets an expected duration unit ("minute", "hour", "day", "week", "month", "year").
  • projectProperties - specifies an array of project properties that should be put into the response.
  • taskProperties - specifies an array of additional task properties to be imported.


The response will contain a JSON of the following structure:

   data: {},
   config: {},
   resources: [],
   worktime: {}
  • data - a gantt data object. Each task has the following properties: id, open, parent, progress, start_date, text, resource. Dates are stringified in the "%Y-%m-%d %H:%i" format.
  • config - a gantt configuration object with settings retrieved from the project file.
  • resources - an array of objects (each having the following properties: {id:string, name:string, type:string} that represent the list of resources from the project file.
  • worktime - an object containing the working time settings from the project calendar.
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