converts an Excel file to JSON

void importFromExcel(object config);


configobjectan object with configuration properties of an imported file


    data: file,
    callback: function(project){

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The method requires HTML5 File API support.

This method is defined in the export extension, so you need to activate the export_api plugin. Read the details in the Export/Import for Excel, Export to iCal article.

The method takes as a parameter an object with configuration properties of an imported file:

  • server - sets the API endpoint for the request. Can be used with the local install of the import service. The default value is
  • data - an instance of File which should contain an Excel (xlsx) file.
  • callback - a callback function.
  • sheet - the number of the sheet of the document that should be returned by the import service.


The response will contain a JSON with an array of objects:

   { "Name": "Task Name", "Start": "2018-08-11 10:00", "Duration": 8 },


  • Values of the first row are used as property names of imported objects.
  • Each row is serialized as an individual object.
  • Date values are serialized in the "%Y-%m-%d %H:%i" format.
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