returns the stack of stored redo user actions

array getRedoStack();
arrayan array of the redo user actions


var stack = gantt.getRedoStack();

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This method is defined in the undo extension, so you need to enable the undo plugin. Read the details in the Undo/Redo Functionality article.

The returned stack is an array of the redo user actions. Each user action contains a set of commands. A command is an object with the following attributes:

  • type - (string) the type of a command: "add/remove/update"
  • entity - (string) the type of the object which was changed: "task" or "link"
  • value - (object) the changed task/link object
  • oldValue - (object) the task/link object before changes

Have a look at the example below:

The getRedoStack() method returns a stack with 3 redo user actions. The first and second actions contain 1 command each, while the third one has 3 commands.

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added in version 4.0

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