calculates the duration of a task

number calculateDuration(object | Date config, [Date end_date] );
configobject | Dateeither the configuration object of a time span or the start date of the task
end_dateDateoptional, the end date of the task. The parameter is required when the first parameter is specified as start_date.
numberthe duration of a task in units specified by the duration_unit option


gantt.config.work_time = true;
// calculate worktime duration between specified dates 
// (for specific task, if multiple working calendars used)
    start_date: new Date(2013,02,15), 
    end_date: new Date(2013,02,25)
    /*,task: task*/
// or 
// or 
gantt.calculateDuration(new Date(2013,02,15), new Date(2013,02,25)); //->6


If the work_time option is enabled, the method calculates the task's duration in working time.

Configuration object properties

The configuration object can contain the following properties:

  • start_date - (Date) the date when a task is scheduled to begin
  • end_date - (Date) the date when a task is scheduled to be completed
  • task - (object) optional, the object of the task the duration of which should be calculated
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