updates the specified task

void updateTask(string|number id, [Task newState] );
idstring|numberthe task id
newStateTaskoptional, the new values of the task


var taskId = gantt.addTask({
    text:"Task #10",
gantt.getTask(taskId).text = "Task #13"; //changes task's data
gantt.updateTask(taskId); //renders the updated task


The method invokes the onAfterTaskUpdate event.

The method triggers the DataProcessor if the dataProcessor is enabled.

This method should be called after modifying the task object to update the Gantt's state, repaint related UI elements, and send the changes to the backend.

Calling this method will fire the onAfterTaskUpdate event, which may trigger additional recalculations.

If you're using the DataProcessor, invoking this method will prompt an update request to the server.

For making visual changes that don't require saving, use the refreshTask method instead. This will repaint the task without invoking extra calculations.

gantt.templates.task_class = function(start, end, task){
    if(task.$active) {
        return "active_task";
gantt.attachEvent("onTaskClick", function(id,e){
    gantt.getTask(id).$active = true;
    gantt.refreshTask(id); });

You can also replace the existing task with new values via setting a new task object as the second parameter of the updateTask method:

var task = {
    id: 2, text: 'New task text', 
    start_date: new Date(2025,03,02), 
    end_date: new Date(2025,03,04), 
    $source: [1], 
    $target: [2]

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