updates the resource property of the task object with the values of the resource assignments from the datastore

void updateTaskAssignments(number|string taskId);
taskIdnumber|stringthe task id

Available only in PRO Edition


var assignmentStore = gantt.getDatastore(gantt.config.resource_assignment_store);
    resource_id: 5,
    task_id: 2,
    value: 4
// after assignments are updated in the datastore, you need 
// to call `updateTaskAssignments` to write changes to the task object:

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This functionality is available in the PRO edition only.

This method is only available when the process_resource_assignments config is enabled.

By default, the store of assignments is populated from the task objects. It means, that if you modify the resource property of the task object (e.g. task.users), the changes will be automatically reflected in the data store.

task[gantt.config.resource_property] = [
        resource_id: "6",
        value: 3,
        start_date: "03-04-2019 00:00",
        end_date: "05-04-2019 00:00",

You may need to refresh the data of the assignments in the opposite direction. For instance, to modify the resource assignments using the datastore API and then to apply the changes to the task object. In this case, you need to update the resource property of the task object with the values from the datastore by calling the gantt.updateTaskAssignments() method:

var taskId = 2;
var assignmentStore = gantt.getDatastore(gantt.config.resource_assignment_store);
    task_id: taskId,
    resource_id: 3,
    value: 8,
    delay: 1
// -> { id: 2, users: [{resource_id: 3, value: 8, delay: 1, start_date: ...}], ...)
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added in v7.1

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