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Toolbar SelectButton properties


const data = [
type: "selectButton";
id?: string | number;
parent?: string | number;
value?: string;
css?: string | string[];
icon?: string;
items?: IMenuElement[]; // ISpacer | ISeparator | INavItem | IMenuItem | ICustomHTML
tooltip?: string;
count?: number | string;
countColor?: "danger" | "secondary" | "primary" | "success";
hidden?: boolean;
disabled?: boolean;
// more Toolbar controls


type(required) the type of a control, set it to "selectButton". If not specified - the "navItem" type is applied by default.
id(optional) the id of a control, auto-generated if not set
parent(optional) the parent of the item
value(optional) a value of the button
css(optional) adds style classes to a button
icon(optional) the name of an icon from the used icon font
items(optional) an array of nested controls. You can find the full list of all available controls here. If the type of a nested control is not specified, the *menuItem* type will be applied by default.
tooltip(optional) a tooltip for the control
count(optional) a badge with a number
countColor(optional) the color of a badge with number: "danger" | "secondary" | "primary" | "success"
hidden(optional) defines whether a button is hidden
disabled(optional) defines whether a button is disabled


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