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Toolbar ImageButton properties


const data = [
type: "imageButton",
id?: string | number,
parent?: string,
src: string,

count?: number,
countColor?: "danger" | "secondary" | "primary" | "success",
group?: string,
hotkey?: string,
multiClick?: boolean,
tooltip?: string,

css?: string | string[],
disabled?: boolean,
hidden?: boolean,
// more Toolbar controls


type(required) the type of a control, set it to "imageButton". If not specified - the "navItem" type is applied by default.
id(optional) the id of a control, auto-generated if not set
parent(optional) the parent of the item
src(required) the path to the image
count(optional) a badge with a number
countColor(optional) the color of a badge with number: "danger" | "secondary" | "primary" | "success"
group(optional) defines the name of a group of controls a button belongs to. If one of the buttons in the group becomes active, all others automatically become inactive
hotkey(optional) the name of the hot key for the button
multiClick(optional) if true - the "click" event will fire multiple times when the button is clicked and held; if false - the "click" event will fire on each click of the button
tooltip(optional) a tooltip for the button
css(optional) adds style classes to a button
disabled(optional) defines whether a button is disabled
hidden(optional) defines whether a button is hidden


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