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sets value for a TimePicker

setValue(value: Date | number | string | any[] | ITimeObject): void;


value: Date | number | string | array | object - the value to be set for a timepicker


// set the value as a stringtimepicker.setValue("00:39");
// set the value as a Datetimepicker.setValue(new Date('January 10, 2019 17:54:00'));
// set the value as an arraytimepicker.setValue([6,20,"AM"]);
// set the value as a numbertimepicker.setValue(1559288966422);
// set the value as an objecttimepicker.setValue({hour: 10, minute: 50, AM: true});

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The value of timepicker set as an array should have the following elements:

  • the hour value
  • the minutes value
  • the "AM/PM" identifier for 12-hour format as a string

The date set as a number is the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 UTC returned by the getTime() method of the Date object.