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Timepicker API overview


clear()clears the value set in the timepicker
destructor()removes a timepicker instance and releases occupied resources
getValue()returns the current value of a TimePicker
paint()repaints a timepicker on a page
setValue()sets value for a TimePicker


afterApplyfires after saving the timepicker value
afterClosefires after closing the timepicker
beforeApplyfires before saving the timepicker value
beforeChangefires before change of the timepicker value
beforeClosefires before closing the timepicker
changefires on change of the timepicker value


controlsOptional. Defines whether a timepicker is equipped with the Close and Save buttons
cssOptional. Adds style classes to TimePicker
timeFormatOptional. Defines what clock format is activated: the 12-hour or 24-hour one
valueOptional. The time value to be set on initialization of the timepicker
valueFormatOptional. Defines the format of the value to be applied when working with TimePicker events