Styling Calendar

There is a possibility to make changes in the look and feel of a calendar. For example, change its background color:

Styled calendar

For this you need to take the following steps:

  • add a new CSS class(es) with desired settings in the < style > section of your HTML page or in your file with styles (don't forget to include your file on the page in this case)
    .my_first_class {
        /*some styles*/
    .my_second_class {
        /*some styles*/
  • specify the name of the created CSS class (or names of classes separated by spaces) as the value of the css property in the Calendar configuration:
var calendar = new dhx.Calendar({
    css:"my_first_class my_second_class"

Related sample:  Adding custom styles - DHTMLX Calendar

Styling selected dates

You can apply custom styling to dates selected in a calender as well as to date ranges. There are system styles you need to change for this purpose:

/* system style for selected dates */
.dhx_calendar-day--selected::before {
    background-color: #ff5252;
/* system style for a date range */
.dhx_calendar-day--in-range:after {
    background-color: #ffe7e7;
var calendar1 = new dhx.Calendar("calendar1", {css: "dhx_widget--bordered"});
var calendar2 = new dhx.Calendar("calendar2", {css: "dhx_widget--bordered"});

Styling date range

Related sample:  Custom styles for selected date - DHTMLX Calendar

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