Check documentation for the latest version of dhtmlxSuite SpreadSheet DHTMLX Docs


Check documentation for the latest version of dhtmlxSpreadSheet

Note, that DHTMLX SpreadSheet is a separate component that is not included into the Suite library.

This documentation is for SpreadSheet v2.1. Please go to to see documentation for the current version of dhtmlxSpreadSheet.

dhtmlxSpreadSheet is a web-based JavaScript spreadsheet widget. It presents an Excel-like datatable and allows dealing with data online quickly and easily.

The SpreadSheet widget provides the possibility of data export into Excel and PDF formats, supports math formulas and hot keys navigation and keeps data updated due to client-server communication.

dhtmlxSpreadSheet is not included into dhtmlxSuite. You can download it from


Start working with SpreadSheet from Configuration instructions.


Initializing & Configuring SpreadSheet

Discusses the stages of SpreadSheet configuration and initialization as well as the client-server communication, API reference and the ways of changing SpreadSheet appearance.

Basic User Guide

Gives the basics of SpreadSheet elements, navigation among them and settings manipulation.

Operating Data in a Cell

Covers the ways of working with data in SpreadSheet's cells: entering text, formatting, locking and validating cells and moving data between them as well as exporting data to external files.
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