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dhtmlxGrid is a flexible, smart, and easy-to-use JavaScript grid component which allows creating DHTMLX tables with rich in-cell editing, fixed multi-line headers and footers, resizable, sortable, and draggable columns, built-in filtering, searching, and grouping capabilities. dhtmlxGrid possesses advanced drag-and-drop, dynamic loading, customizable view, a set of predefined cell editors and many other capabilities that make it a fully-featured aid for developers. Complete JavaScript API is provided to help users save time on configuring.

API Reference
Related resources

Creating Grid on a Page

Says how to build a standard grid on a page and bring it to life: configure with specific settings, customize the default templates, attach events, etc.

Loading and Storing Data

Discusses the ways of loading data into the grid: different data sources, formats, techniques.

Configuring Grid

Teaches you how to define the common structure and content of dhtmlxGrid: columns, headers, dimensions, etc.
Covers the basics of performing general operations under data items such as setting the date template or format, filtering, validating, paging etc.

Styling Grid

Focuses on how to fine-tune the grid appearance: redefining the default component CSS classes, applying the predefined skin etc.

Integrating with Other Components

Introduces the components you can integrate dhtmlxGrid with.
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