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RichText overview

DHTMLX RichText is a JavaScript client-side tool for fast and handy editing of content. It provides a compact set of formatting controls, two editing modes for comfy work with text and an easily adjustable toolbar.

This component supports parsing and serialization of data in the HTML and JSON formats and allows using any icon fonts and adding custom controls. Besides, there are ready-made solutions for integration with such popular JavaScript frameworks as Angular, React and Vue.js.

Toolbar structure

The toolbar of Richtext is easily configurable. It contains several blocks of controls and their number depends on the chosen type of toolbar:

  • default toolbar
  • full toolbar

The default toolbar includes 6 blocks of controls. They are: "undo", "style", "decoration", "colors", "align" and "link":

Default toolbar

The full toolbar includes all the default blocks and additional "clear", "stats" and "fullscreen" blocks:

Full toolbar

You can adjust the look and feel of the toolbar to meet your requirements.

Two working modes

DHTMLX Richtext can work with content in two modes. You can choose the most suitable mode to feel comfortable while editing text. The modes are:

  • "classic"

Classic mode

  • "document"

Document mode

Read more about setting the mode you like best.

Supported formats

The RichText editor supports parsing and serialization of content in the HTML and Markdown formats.

  • HTML format

HTML format

  • Markdown format

Markdown format


Rich Text can be integrated with other JavaScript frameworks. There are related guides and demos available for: