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You have a possibility to present the interface of the RichText editor in any language you wish. You just need to translate the corresponding strings for labels and tooltips and apply a ready locale to the component.

Localized RichText

Default locale

The default English locale looks like this:

var en = {
apply: "Apply",
undo: "Undo",
redo: "Redo",
selectFontFamily: "Font",
selectFontSize: "Font size",
selectFormat: "Style",
selectTextColor: "Text color",
selectTextBackground: "Background color",
markBold: "Bold",
markItalic: "Italic",
markStrike: "Strike",
markUnderline: "Underline",
alignLeft: "Align left",
alignCenter: "Align center",
alignRight: "Align right",
addLink: "Add link",
clearFormat: "Clear formatting",
fullscreen: "Fullscreen",
removeLink: "Remove link",
edit: "Edit",
h1: "Heading 1",
h2: "Heading 2",
h3: "Heading 3",
h4: "Heading 4",
h5: "Heading 5",
h6: "Heading 6",
p: "Normal text",
blockquote: "Block quote",
stats: "Statistics",
chars: "chars",
charsExlSpace: "charsExlSpace",
words: "words",
text: "Text",
link: "Link"

Custom locale

To use a different locale, your steps should be:

  • provide translation for all text labels in RichText, e.g. take a look at the German locale:
var de = {
apply: "Anwenden",
undo: "Rückgängig machen",
redo: "Wiederholen",
selectFontFamily: "Schriftfamilie",
selectFontSize: "Schriftgröße",
selectFormat: "Textstil",
selectTextColor: "Textfarbe",
selectTextBackground: "Texthintergrund",
markBold: "Fett",
markItalic: "Kursiv",
markStrike: "Durchgestrichen",
markUnderline: "Unterstrichen",
alignLeft: "Links ausrichten",
alignCenter: "Mittens ausrichten",
alignRight: "Rechts ausrichten",
addLink: "Einen Link hinzufügen",
clearFormat: "Format entfernen",
fullscreen: "Vollbildschirm",
unlink: "Einen Link löschen",
edit: "Redigieren",
h1: "Überschrift 1",
h2: "Überschrift 2",
h3: "Überschrift 3",
h4: "Überschrift 4",
h5: "Überschrift 5",
h6: "Überschrift 6",
p: "Normaler Text",
blockquote: "Blockzitat",
stats: "Statistiken",
chars: "Zeichen",
charsExlSpace: "Zeichen ohne Leerzeichen",
words: "Wörter",
text: "Text",
link: "Verknüpfung"
  • apply the new locale by calling the dhx.i18n.setLocale() method before initializing RichText:
dhx.i18n.setLocale("richtext", de);
var richtext = new dhx.Richtext("richtext_container");

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