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PHP Connector

DHTMLX connector is a helper server-side library that enables access to external datasources and backend systems.

It supports all DHTMLX components which operate with data.

The library itself provides a wide server-side functionality, such as data loading (static or dynamic), saving, filtering, validation, etc. Integration with DHTMLX Dataprocessor allows managing the insert/delete/update operations as well.

Server-side requirements

  • Fully supported DataBases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, FileSystem
  • Partially supported DataBases: SQLite, any PDO|ODBC compliant ( MSAccess, Excel, SQLLite, DB2, FireBird, etc. )
  • PHP version: 5.x

Supported functionality

  • Data loading for Grid, TreeGrid, Tree, Combo, Gantt, Scheduler, DataView, Chart, Form
  • Data saving for Grid, TreeGrid, Tree, Gantt, Scheduler, DataView, Form
  • Server-side sorting and filtering for Grid, Treegrid
  • Dynamic loading (paging) for Grid, Treegrid, Tree, Gantt, Scheduler, DataView, Combo
API reference

PHP Connector Basics

Discusses the definition of dhtmlxConnector, the way of initializing PHP connector and the components' functionality that the connector supports.

Loading Data

Describes the ways of loading data using PHP Connector as well as the operations connected with it: filtering, formatting and sorting data.

Managing Create/Update/Delete Operations

Tells about executing main operations with data using PHP Connector.


Covers common information you may need while working with PHP Connector.

Auxiliary Resources

Includes the samples of common PHP Connector usage, notes on new versions of the connector and answers to the questions about connector's work.
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