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dhtmlxTreeView is a lightweight but powerful component that allows you to present hierarchical information, such as tree data, file system etc. in a nice-looking compact way. Each item of TreeView can include several subitems.

TreeView quickly loads big amounts of data and posseses a number of useful features, such as drag-n-drop, dynamical loading of items, checkboxes' manipulation and customizable appearance. The possibility of integration with other DHTMLX components is also provided.

TreeView is a faster and more compact alternative to the Tree component. Tree is still supported and its documentation is available, but we recommend you to use TreeView instead.

API reference
Related resources

Creating TreeView on a Page

Discusses initialization of TreeView, as well as the ways of loading and saving data.

Working with TreeView

Describes operations which can be performed with TreeView.

Setting TreeView Appearance

Shows the possibilities of customizing TreeView appearance.

Context Menu and Events Handling

Tells about integration with context menu and the process of events handling.
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