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dhtmlXTreeView API

addItem adds a new item into TreeView
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
checkItem checks the item's checkbox
clearAll removes all the loaded items from TreeView and repaints the component
closeItem collapses an item
deleteChildItems deletes child items of the node
deleteItem deletes an item
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
disableCheckbox disables a particular checkbox in TreeView
enableCheckbox enables a particular checkbox in TreeView
enableCheckboxes shows/hides checkboxes (all checkboxes in the treeview)
enableContextMenu enables context menu
enableDragAndDrop enables drag-n-drop in TreeView
enableMultiselect allows selecting multiple items in TreeView
getAllChecked returns an array of checked items' ids
getAllUnchecked returns an array of unchecked items' ids
getItemText returns the item's text
getLevel returns the level index of the specified item
getParentId returns the item's parent id
getSelectedId returns the selected item's id
getSubItems returns a comma-delimited list of ids of all children nested on the sublevel in relation to the specified item
getUserData returns any user data set into the given input by the setUserData method
hideCheckbox hides the item's checkbox
isCheckboxEnabled checks if the item's checkbox is enabled
isCheckboxVisible checks if the item's checkbox is visible
isItemChecked returns the state of the item's checkbox
loadStruct loads data to the component via XML or JSON, usually component config
openItem opens the specified item
refreshItem reloads subitems of the specified node
selectItem selects an item
setIconColor sets a color for the item's icon, if Font Awesome is used
setIconset enables the font-awesome iconset
setItemIcons sets custom icons for an item
setItemText sets a new item's text
setSizes adjusts the TreeView sizes, if dimension of its parent was changed
setSkin sets a skin for TreeView
setUserData allows attaching user data to a treeview without modifying the DOM
showCheckbox shows the item's checkbox
showItem scrolls a TreeView to make the specified item visible
silent calls treeview function w/o triggering events
uncheckItem unchecks the item's checkbox
unload destructor, unloads TreeView
unselectItem unselects the item, if it's selected
onAddItem fires when a new item is added into TreeView
onBeforeCheck fires before an item's checkbox is checked/unchecked, cancelable
onBeforeDeleteItem fires before item's deleting
onBeforeDrag fires before drag operation starts, cancelable
onBeforeDrop fires before an item is dragged to another target and the mouse button is released, cancelable
onBeforeSelect fires before an item is selected
onCheck fires before an item's checkbox is checked/unchecked
onClick fires when a TreeView item has been clicked
onContextMenu fires when the user clicks on treeview items with the right mouse button
onDblClick fires when a TreeView item has been double clicked
onDeleteItem fires when an item is deleted
onDragOver fires when when a dragged item is moved over the droppable area, cancelable
onDrop fires when the dragged item is dropped
onSelect fires when an item is selected
onTextChange fires when the item's text is changed
onXLE fires when the data loading is finished and a component or data is rendered
onXLS fires when XML loading started
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