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Enabling Context Menu

You can easily add a context menu into TreeView to choose some actions that can be made with items.

1) First, you need to enable context menu in a TreeView:

// during initialization
var myTreeView = new dhtmlXTreeView({
    context_menu: true
// or after initialization

2) Now you have to attach context menu event handler to TreeView:

myTreeView.attachEvent("onContextMenu", function(id, x, y, ev){
    return false; // to prevent default context menu

3) The last step is to show dhtmlxMenu from handler:

// menu initialization
var myContextMenu = new dhtmlXMenuObject({
    context: true // and other menu config
myTreeView.attachEvent("onContextMenu", function(id, x, y, ev){
    // show dhtmlxMenu
    myContextMenu.showContextMenu(x, y);
    // optionally, you can select the corresponding tree item
    // do not show default browser menu
    return false;

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