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UI Components

The DHTMLX library supplies over 20 fully customizable widgets to help you build interfaces of different kinds, nicely present data and work with it. There are also multiple controls and specific features to make your applications good-looking and user-friendly.


Layouts help to organize your web page, define its overall look-and-feel. You can arrange the content in columns and rows, divide it into groups and control through navigation or animation.

Data Components

Data components are used to present data of a specified type on the page. Such components manage the space allocated for their data and provide functionality for its access and configuration.

Form-oriented Components

Form-oriented components supply handy means for building and processing forms and interacting with users.

Navigation Components

Navigation components allow you to create navigable items on the page, such as menus and tabs, for redirecting to related pages or performing specific actions on data and elements.

Server-side Solutions

This list includes ready-to-use server-side solutions for data loading and saving in PHP, Java, .NET, ColdFusion.

Macro Components

Macro components possess rich select functionality and are useful for work with big datasets and file systems.

Tools and Helpers

Tools will make your interaction with the library handier and more intuitive. Helpers give an opportunity to add specific features to an application.

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