Elementary DB Operations with Connector

dhtmlxConnector allows executing some actions against DB.

SQL queries

DBWrapper object can be accessed as:


Then, it can be used in queries in the following way:

$connector->sql->query("DELETE FROM some_table WHERE ID=1");
$res = $connector->sql->query("SELECT * FROM some_table WHERE ID=1");
$data =  $connector->sql->get_next($res);
$connector->sql->query("INSERT INTO some_table(type) VALUES('simple')");
$id = $connector->sql->get_new_id();

INSERT query

$id = $connector->insert(array(
    "type" => "simple",


  • a hash of values

UPDATE query

    "type_id" => '1'
    "type" => 'simple'


  • a hash of values. For a successful result it must contain the identity field.

DELETE query



  • ID of the record that should be deleted

Creating a new connector

You can create an extra connector object on the fly and use it for DB operations.

$temp = new Connector($db_connection);
    "some1" => "value 1",
    "some2" => "value 2"
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