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Before start working with SpreadSheet, you need to apply necessary configuration settings. For this you need:

  • Download the SpreadSheet package and unzip its content to the [YOUR APPLICATION ROOT] folder.
  • Choose the suitable dump file for a database in the root folder of the package:
    • dump_mssql.sql - if you use MSSQL
    • dump_mysql.sql - if you use MySQL
  • Open the codebase/php/config.php file and specify mandatory database server settings, depending on the type of the used database:
    • Data source name - the string with a data structure to establish connection to the database;
    • User - the username used to access the database;
    • Password - the password used by the username to access the database.
      Other settings are optional.
// MySQL
$dsn = "mysql:dbname=ssheet;host=localhost;port=3306";
$db_user = "root";
$db_pass = "1";
$db_tick = "`";
// or for SQLSRV
// $dsn = "sqlsrv:Server=localhost;Database=ssheet";
// $db_user = "ssheet";
// $db_pass = "1";
// $db_tick = "\"";
$db_prefix = "dhx_";
$username = "admin";
$password = "qwert";

After configuration is finished, you can run any sample from the folder spreadsheet/samples.

If you'd like to add SpreadSheet on your own page, move on to one of the initialization variants.

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