Tree API

checkItem checks the checkbox of a tree item and all its sub-items
close closes a tree item by id
closeAll closes all opened Tree items
editItem edits a Tree item
focusItem sets focus to a specified tree item
getChecked gets all checked tree items
getState gets the state of a tree
open opens a tree item by id
openAll opens all closed tree items
paint repaints Tree on a page
setState sets state for a tree
toggle opens/closes a tree item by id
unCheckItem unchecks the checkbox of a tree item and all its sub-items
itemClick fires on clicking a tree item
itemContextMenu fires on calling a context menu for a tree item on right click
itemDblClick fires on double-clicking a tree item
autoload defines that the structure of a tree is being built while opening items
checkbox adds checkboxes to tree items
css adds a CSS class(es) to the component
data sets a dataset for a tree
dragCopy defines that an item is copied to a target during drag-n-drop
dragMode enables drag-n-drop in Tree
dropBehaviour defines the behaviour of a dragged item
editing enables editing of Tree items on a double-click
icon allows adding custom icons for tree items
isFolder defines whether an item should be rendered as a folder
keyNavigation enables key navigation in a tree
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