Sidebar API

isCollapsed checks whether Sidebar is collapsed
toggle expands/collapses Sidebar
destructor removes a Sidebar instance and releases occupied resources
disable disables and dims items of Sidebar
enable enables disabled items of Sidebar
hide hides items of Sidebar
paint repaints Sidebar on a page
show shows items of Sidebar
toggle fires on expanding/collapsing Sidebar
click fires after a click on a control
inputBlur fires when a control is blurred
inputCreated fires when a new input is added
inputFocus fires when a control is focused
openMenu fires on expanding a menu control
collapsed defines that a sidebar is initialized in the collapsed state
css adds style classes to Sidebar
data specifies an array of data objects to set into Sidebar
menuCss adds style classes to the menu of Sidebar
minWidth sets the minimal width of a sidebar in the collapsed state
width sets the width of a sidebar
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