Work with Window

Attaching content

You can easily attach some HTML content to a window via the attachHTML method. It takes as a parameter a string with HTML.

var dhxWindow = new dhx.Window({title: "Window"});
var html = "<h1>Header</h1><p>paragraph</p>";

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Attaching DHTMLX components

dhtmlxWindow allows attaching other DHTMLX components inside it.

dhxWindow.attach("richtext",{mode: "document"});;

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Repainting window

In case you've changed some configuration settings of a window, you can repaint it on a page via the paint method:


Fullscreen mode

dhtmlxWindow can be displayed in the full screen mode. To activate the full screen mode, make use of the setFullScreen() method:


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To disable the full screen mode, apply the unsetFullScreen() method:


To check whether the full screen mode is activated or not, use the isFullScreen() method:

dhxWindow.isFullScreen(); // -> true

Showing/hiding window

You can hide a particular window or show it in a particular position on a page with the help of the hide and show methods. The show method takes two optional parameters:

  • left - (number) the left margin of a window
  • top - (number) the top margin of a window

If called without parameters, the method shows a window in the default position on a page.

// shows a window in the specified position,54);
// hides a window

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Sizing window

You can change the size of a window via the setSize method. It takes two parameters:

  • width - (number) the width of a window
  • height - (number) the height of a window

To get the current size of a window, use the getSize method. It will return an object with width and height of a window:

var size = dhxWindow.getSize(); // -> {width: 960, height: 469}

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Positioning window

To set the position of a window on the fly, make use of the setPosition method. You should pass two parameters to the method:

  • left - (number) the left coordinate of a window
  • top - (number) the top coordinate of a window

To get the current position of a window, use the getPosition method. It will return an object with left and top coordinates of a window:

var position = dhxWindow.getPosition(); // -> {left: 480, top: 234}

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Checking visibility of window

You can check whether a window is hidden or shown on a page using the isVisible method of the Window API. The method returns true, if a window is visible, and false if it's hidden.

var visible = window.isVisible(); // -> true/false

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