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Tabbar API overview


addTab()adds a new tab into a tabbar
destructor()removes a Tabbar instance and releases occupied resources
disableTab()disables a tab on a page
enableTab()enables a disabled tab
getActive()gets the id of the active tab
getCell()returns the config object of a cell
getId()returns the id of a tab by its index
getWidget()returns the widget attached to Tabbar
isDisabled()checks whether a tab is disabled
paint()repaints a tabbar on a page
removeTab()removes a tab from a tabbar
setActive()sets an active tab


afterClosefires after closing a tab in Tabbar
beforeChangefires before changing the active tab
beforeClosefires before closing a tab in Tabbar
changefires on changing the active tab


activeTabOptional. Sets the currently active tab
closableOptional. Adds close buttons for tabs
cssOptional. The name of a CSS class(es) applied to Tabbar
disabledOptional. Makes a tab/tabs disabled
modeOptional. Specifies the mode of displaying a tabbar
noContentOptional. Defines whether tabs contain any content
tabAlignOptional. Sets alignment for tabs
tabAutoHeightOptional. Defines whether the height of tabs is automatically adjusted to the height of the tabbar container
tabAutoWidthOptional. Defines whether the width of tabs is automatically adjusted to the width of the tabbar container
tabHeightOptional. Sets the height of a tab
tabWidthOptional. Sets the width of a tab
viewsRequired. Defines the configuration of tabs